1. The mission of the Maine Vintage Race Car Association is to preserve the history of motorsports in the State of Maine.

2. The "history of motorsports" includes the preservation of race vehicles, photos, trophies, movies and other items relating to motorsports in the State of Maine.

3. To keep the "history of motorsports" alive by presenting to the public "where the sport came from" and "the people who participated in it" by way of various exhibitions.

4. To present exhibits and displays at various racing facilities, state and county fairs, car shows and other statewide functions to give the public an up close look at the "history of motorsports."

5. To document the location and ownership (if possible) of vintage race cars in the State of Maine, whether the vintage race cars have been restored or are sitting "rusting away."

6. To assist in restoration projects through first hand knowledge, photos, parts and etc.

7. To honor the men and women who have been involved in motorsports by creating and establishing a State of Maine Motorsports Hall of Fame.

8. The ultimate goal of the Maine Vintage Race Car Association is to construct the State of Maine Motorsports Museum & Hall of Fame to preserve the "history of motorsports" for generations to come.