Hall of Fame Nominees 

This list below includes all nominations pertinent to the current voting criteria eras of the 1940s, 50s, 60s & 70s. Nominees that have been inducted into the Hall of Fame are denoted with the year of the induction beside their names. An "SC" beside a year indicates that the nominee was recognized with a Significant Contributor award during the Hall of Fame ceremonies. If a person is not listed here that you believe is worthy of Hall of Fame consideration, please download our Hall of Fame Nomination form and submit it. It is important to provide as much accurate biographical information as possible about any nomination candidate. Nominations are accepted throughout the year and must be submitted before the listed deadline in order to be considered in any current year's voting. Once a person is nominated, that person's name remains on the nominee list indefinitely and does not need to be re-nominated. The Maine Motorsports Hall of Fame voting committee is comprised of a 10-member panel of statewide representatives of motorsports. The voting process includes two rounds of votes from each member including an annual voting meeting where a comprehensive discussion of nominees occurs prior to committee members' final votes.

Year of

Induction                  NOMINEE (PST = Posthumous)

                                  Andrews, Glen

   2007                       Babb Sr., Bob

   2004                       Bahre, Bob

   2008                       Bahre, Dick

                                  Bailey, Bill

                                  Berggren, Dick

                                  Berry, Lloyd  -  PST

                                  Black, Rusty

                                  Blood, Steve

                                  Bridges, Stan

                                  Brown, Bob  -  PST

                                  Brown, Chummy

                                  Brown, Don

                                  Brown, Jim

                                  Buffington, Willie

                                  Burgess, Butch  -  PST

                                  Burns, Jim

   2006                       Burt, Buster

   2004                       Bushley Sr., Bob  -  PST

   2005                        Carleton, Bill

   2004                        Christopher, Doc  -  PST

                                   Cote, Stan  -  PST

   2010                        Coutermarsh, Dave

                                   Cronk, Wilford

   2004                         Cusack, Ralph

                                    Cyr, Clifford  -  PST

                                    D’Amico, Mike Sr.  -  PST

   2004                         Damon, George

   2004                         Darveau, Dave

                                    Dingly, Sherby

                                    Dion, Dave

   2008                         DiPompo, Tony  -  PST

                                    DiRenzo, Sonny

                                    Dodge, Stan

                                    Dow, Bob

   2004                         Drew, Homer

2010 SC                      Dumais, Maury

                                    Edgecomb, Bucky  -  PST

                                    Elder, Bruce

   2006                         Ellis, Lefty  -  PST

                                    Ellis, Sonny

   2006                         Farrington, Ken

                                    Fuller, Keith

   2007                         Gage, Niles  -  PST

   2006                         Gahan, Ernie

   2004                         Garrett, Dick

                                    Gilley, Bob

                                    Girard, Art

                                    Giroux, Red

                                    Glines, Dick

   2006                         Graves, Dana

                                    Greely, Bob

                                    Guillemette, Tom

   2009                         Hammond, Al

   2010                         Hannaford, Goodwin

                                    Hanscom, Roger

   2004                         Hilliard, Blackie

                                    Hogdon, Skip

   2007                         Holden, Fuzzy

   2007                          Jones, Earl

                                     Kangas, Leland  -  PST

                                     Kent, Don  -  PST

   2005                          Knight, Jackie  -  PST

   2008                          Knowles, Bob

   2005                          Knowles, Ed  -  PST

                                     LaBonte, Pete  -  PST

                                     Lapham, Bud

                                     Leach, Ray

   2005                          Leavitt, Gardiner

                                     Legrow, Dick

   2005                          Libby, Bob

   2004                          Libby, Phil

2009 SC                       Littlefield, Ken

                                      Lizotte, Jon

                                      Logan, Ed

                                      Longley, Russ  -  PST

                                      Major, Jerry

   2009                           McCabe, Dick

                                      McClure, Jim

   2004                           McConnell, Jim

                                      McKinnon, Sandy

                                      Merrill, Bob

   2007                           Meserve, Stan

   2009                           Millett, Wimpy  -  PST

                                      Moores, Mac

                                     Moses, Frank  -  PST

                                     Nadeau, Bob  -  PST

   2010                          Nason, Ralph

2009 SC                       Niemi, Ed

   2008                          Nutting, Russ

   2006                          Parlin, Si  -  PST

   2010                          Patrick, Wally

                                     Penfold, Ray

   2008                          Perry, Otis  -  PST

                                     Peterson, Pete

                                     Potter, Plum

   2010                          Pottle, Larry

                                     Prescott, Peter

                                     Prevost, Ron

2009 SC                       Pullen, Fred

                                     Randall, Bob

                                     Redmond, Pappy  -  PST

                                     Reno, Larry

   2007                          Reynolds, Calvin

                                     Richardson, Elmer

                                     Robbins, Gary

   2006                          Robinson, Al  -  PST

                                     Roman, Steve

                                     Rowdlitt, Roger

                                     Rowe, Mike

                                     Rudnicki, David

                                     Samson, Sam  -  PST

   2010                          Seavey, Jerry

                                     Shaw, Roger

                                     Smith, Dave

                                     Smith, Ronnie  -  PST

   2009                          Spencer, Ken

                                     Stevens, Jeff

                                     Stuart, Louis

   2009                          Tanguay, Larry & Bob

                                     Tardiff, Paul

2010 SC                       Tetrault, Bob  -  PST

2010 SC                       Thurston, Charlie

                                      Tibbetts, Bobby

   2005                           Trask, Zeke

                                      Turner, Bob

                                      Turner, Don Sr.

                                      Unwin, Joe

                                      Vachon, Marty

   2008                           Walker, Bob

                                      Walsh, Eddie

                                      Warren, Bentley

                                      Washburn, Richard

   2005                           White, Tiger

   2009                           Whitney, Dick (PST) & Donna

   2005                           Wilcox, Harold & Pat

                                      Wilson, Tauno "Willie"  -  PST

   2004                           Wolstenhulme, Dick

                                      Woodman, Wilbur "Woody"

                                      Worster, Ray  -  PST

                                      Zemla, Rick