Welcome to Maine Vintage Race Car Association!

This is the unveiling of our newest website. Although it hurts to say that our website has admittedly been in upheaval for a few years (ouch!), we are now on the right track.

Bob Morris and Anne Hannaford met with Evan Beaulieu last June to see if Evan was the right person for the job. We wanted him to get an idea of what we wanted. He started working on this right after the meeting. However, racing started up right at that point, and as we all know, it interferes with everything else. Evan had a busy summer racing, and earned Champion of the 2011 Legend Car Series, while being a website builder, race-marketing up-and-comer, and maintaining two outside jobs. There was a great deal of work behind the scenes. Please note the photos of members’ cars at the top. Evan chose these cars randomly for fairness.

Please take a little time to look all over our new site. It has been collaboration among a few different MAINE VINTAGE RACE CAR ASSOCIATION members. Bob Morris, Andy Cusack, and Anne Hannaford have worked with Penny Blake and Evan Beaulieu to bring this newest website to you.

We have most of the things that were on our old, and older sites. We will add more things, and would love suggestions from our visitors. Your input is very important to us. Please feel free to send an e-mail to Anne Hannaford, or Bob Morris

I wish there were a way to have a ribbon cutting ceremony on this page…it would be fun! We have far more important issues to present to the public than a cartoon ribbon cutting, despite how monumental this is. Look us over. Tell us what you think of our new website! – Anne Hannaford

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