Mobile Museum Request

Mobile Museum Request/ Review Process


Our organization has a mission to have all requests, for the appearance of our Mobile Museum, considered in a timely manner for event planning and support.

  • Requests for Mobile Museum appearances will need to be accompanied by the Mobile Museum Request Form. ( see attached form). All receipts will be acknowledged in writing.
  • Requests may be accepted from October 2016 thru March 2017 and at least 60 days prior to the event.
  • The review will be done by members of the Mobile Museum Team and will be presented as an update at all association meetings, so that member volunteers can consider their participation.
  • Our focus will be on the type of event, the location and ability to reach our core audience, who would appreciate this piece of history.
  • Announcement of the tentative schedule will be prepared and published by the meeting in April 2017.
  • Volunteers will be recruited for transport, set up and staffing the event. There will be signup sheet provided.
  • Confirmation will be delivered, to the event co-coordinator requesting the appearance, by May 1st, in order to allow them time to plan and advertise.
  • The season schedule will be published by May 1st.
  • Any other requests received after that date will be reviewed, but participation cannot be guaranteed.

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